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The top 2 VR brands at the moment are Oculus Rift And HTC Vive. The Vive i own for a couple of years now. Played some cool games over the years. I got into Onward, a VR combat simulator that is very nice. Recently i won an Oculus Rift with a VR competition, I'm still testing what's the better VR set. Both have the pro's and Cons.
ARK is a survival game where you start with nothing, and try to survive on an island full of Dino's. These days I mainly play on a private server with my son.
ARK Community Site
The game to play, Fortnite for adults. A fun shooter survival game, last man standing. We play this with some friends to relax a bit. Here some funny compilation video's.
PUBG Compilations
League Of Legends is one of the main games I play. Together with some friends we set up our own leader board.
TDS Leaders-board v3.0
Security Researcher
Security researcher
Network security and pen-testing are things I'm fascinated with. I try to read up with new techniques of the ever evolving subject.
- CEH | EC-Council
- HCNA-WLAN | Huawei
- HCNP-R&S | Huawei
- WiSe | Ruckus Wireless
- WiSe Instructor | Ruckus Wireless
- ACNP | Aruba
Here some various CTF challenges.
- From : Protostar CTF
This I learned a few years ago when i was developing a project with a Raspberry Pi. There are lots of modules for the Pi and all communication is done with Python. I still find it the best language to write some code.
I used to program in C#, but this is a long time ago. It's always good to know a .NET language. Back in the days i made whole database applications in C#, now i don't really need this anymore :)
I know, There are Perl guys and Python guys. But i wanted to explore them both. Lots of sites are build on Perl, so it's never bad to know both of them. Still prefer Python...
Also a long time ago i wrote in Java. These days Java applications are almost out of the picture. But from security point of view still good to know.

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