Lily Drone

August 18, 2017


A few months ago somebody showed me a movie clip of a drone called Lily. I was so impressed of the features they described, I had to look this thing up.
It is a drone that follows a tracking device worn by the user. No more remote control to worry about. This is amazing for outdoor sports.
Here my enthusiasm written down with some specs.


The Company:

Lily Robotics was founded on September 2013 by 2 people that are fanatics in robotics. Antoine Balaresque and Henry Bradlow.
They mad their first prototype of some Arduino and Raspberry components.
Around 2014 they got allot of investors and the project of developing Lily continued. Today they are with 6 and growing.
The first ones will be shipped around February 2016.
For more info, check the site.


The Drone:

Well As they describe it, its a throw-and-shoot camera that follows you. No more manoeuvring with the controls to take a nice video or picture.
Just set the distance and hight, from witch angle it has to follow and start capturing.

If you see the drones these days they are really ugly creatures that give aggressive vibes. Lily did there something I think will sell big, The design is just so nice.
With the small and compact design, the friendly look its just a drone to love.
W/L/H = 26.1 x 26.1 x 8.18 cm
Weight = 1.3 Kg

Flight Time = 20 min
Charger = 5A
Charge time = 2h

Waterproof rating IP67

Distance from user = 1.75 > 30 meters
Altitude from user = 1.75 > 15 meters
Speed = 40km/h

Video Resolution = 1080p 60 fps / 720p 120 fps
Video Format =  H.264 codec, .mp4 file format
Photo Resolution =  12 MP

Three-axis Gyro
Front-facing camera
Bottom-facing camera

4GB Micro SD internal
External slot available

And lots more neat stuff. Check the specs page for a complete list.


The possibility’s:

Well, this is so nice it’s almost to good to be true. I love to do sports like Mountain-biking, snowboarding, Surfing … and this looks like something i will use to capture these great moments when I’m doing one of my sports. The fact that it is waterproof was one of the key features why I ordered this drone. This gives me the ability to film some of my water-sports and give unique footage.
Also can give amazing footage and pictures when biking with my son and daughter.
In the beginning I was not really sure for ordering one, because there are no reviews yet, and it is on Pre-order. but what the hell, I just love the thing.
So I pre-ordered one and hoping to receive it before I go boarding in March 2016.
We will see, can’t wait to test this out.
Cya back in February or March.